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We are located in Eastern Kentucky, a region known for Morehead State University and the many lakes and recreation parks surrounding the area.  We are a small family oriented, hobby facility raising AKC Standard Poodles,  CKC Golden-Doodles and more recently, Old English Sheepdog.  We breed with a focus on temperament, health, high quality, and affordability.  Our Puppies are raised in our house with us for the first three or four weeks of life where we keep a close eye on them.  This also helps them become familiar with sounds and experiences associated with people and everyday life.  At about three or four weeks of life after the puppies have been introduced to puppy food, they are moved with their mother to our outdoor facility where they begin to associate with an outdoor environment.  This is where they  begin to learn how to use a doggy door to go outside to use the potty, and to play, exercise, and socialize with each other in a very spacious lot.  Our puppies receive regular grooming and one on one attention to help develop trust and social skills with humans.   The puppies are introduced to a collar and a leash at about 6 weeks old. 

The puppies come either AKC Registered or CKC Registered (as is appropriate per breed), groomed, age appropriate shots, frontline plus, worming, health certificate, tails docked, and dew claws removed.  Due to their early nutritional needs and rapid growth our puppies are free fed.  This helps support a healthy immune system, healthy teeth and gums,  beautiful soft healthy coats, and sound mind and bodies.  

We prefer to place our puppies in loving pet homes, therefore unless prior agreement is made our AKC puppies come with limited registration.  Our Standard Poodles and Golden-Doodle puppies come with a spay or neuter contract agreement unless prior agreement is made.

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This site was inspired by and is dedicated to our Grandson and his beloved buddy and pal..."Sniper Bear"..."a dog beautiful enough, intelligent enough, and gorgeous enough to be in movies..."
Email Us:  info@chanscelebritygoldendoodles.com

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Our breeding Golden-doodles are a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever.   Among the reasons the Goldendoodle has become popular as family pets is due to their hypo-allergenic characteristics, low to no shedding, their intelligent, gentle human-friendly dispositions, and because, like the poodle they exhibit a need to be close and loyal to their families.  Just like the Standard Poodle, Goldendoodles should be groomed on a regular basis for optimum beauty and good hygiene.

Types of Goldendoodle Crosses:

  F1 Goldendoodle = Standard Poodle +    GoldenRetriver

  F1B Goldendoodle= Standard Poodle + Goldendoodle

  F2B Goldendoodle = F1B Goldendoodle +        AKC Standard Poodle.

We are a conscientious breeding facility and are particularly selective in which dogs we choose to keep for breeding to ensure optimum health, beauty, and disposition.   

When Health Matters In Your Puppy Selection​
Having allergies among our family members ourselves, has prompted us to make an effort to breed puppies that are more human-tolerant where allergies are an issue.  However, we cannot and do not make claim that you or your child will not be allergic to our puppies.  Always ask your Doctor what puppy may be right for you.  We breed non-shedding family type breeds that include AKC Standard Poodles, CKC F2B Golden-Doodle, and more recently, AKC Old English Sheepdog.  We feel in providing these low to non-shedding type/breed options to families; we are doing our part to help make it possible for more people and their families to become healthy happy pet owners. 
 God Bless!