Hey June!

Just wanted to let you know that Basil (Pat Garrett) is doing well. I've been pretty busy lately with his training but once we get settled I will be sure to write you a testimonial. He is a wonderful puppy with just the right temperment for our family. I would say right now he is about medium energy. He has learned a few commands (sit, come, fetch, bed) and his name. We have never had an accident in the house so his house training has been GREAT! Everyone who meets him always says how sweet and beautiful he is. The vet said he was the calmest golden doodle he'd ever seen. My mother has a 19 year old toy poodle and he is so sweet and gentle with him. He got his first summer hair cut yesterday and it is so cute. The groomer said he did great and was very well behaved for a puppy. I will be sure to take a picture with my phone and email it to you when I get home. Now if we could just get his car sickness handled everything would be perfect. The vet says he should grow out of it but in the meantime he is enjoying hanging out around our house and watching the geese in the lake behind out house.

Hope all is well with you and his littermates.
Formerly Pat Garret
UP-DATE: APRIL 30, 2011

Update:  He goes to work with me twice a week and everyone is so impressed at how calm he is in the office. He has a lot of energy in the morning but as long as he has his three mile walk/jog in the morning he is the perfect puppy.  I can't believe its only been 3 weeks. It feels like Basil has always been with us. Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of our sweet Basil before he came to our home. He really is the perfect puppy

UP-DATE 01-17-2012

Hey June,

Just wanted to send you some pictures I took of Basil the other day. I took them with my phone so they may be a bit grainy. He looks great! He loves everyone, kids mostly and puts a smile on the face of eveyone that sees him. He can get a little scared of ramdom things at times and LOVES to eat my blinds but we love him just the same. His CGC training is going well, he is starting to get a little head strong when it comes to his training but we are soldiering through it :-).
Hope all is well with the pups at your farm. Everytime someone asks where I got Basil I send them your way. Hopefully, I can help some puppies find some good homes here in Nashville.

All the Best,
"We At Chan's Celebrity Golden-Doodles Appreciate And Thank You For Keeping In Touch And For Providing Us With Your Experiences With Your New Family Member."   Thank you!

This email is very nice  so we asked and "Permission was granted to use this email as a testimonial for our web site."

I renamed him Max. He is truly the best dog i have ever had. Max goes hiking with me and he watches tv! I have had no problems potty training him, he is so smart he's learning new tricks. He don't shed so i don't have a problem with him laying around on the couch. I have asthma so this works out great. I wana thank you for everything and being so kind, you have wonderful dogs and the goldendoodle is a great breed thanks so much June! I have attached a photo for ya feel free to post this msg and the pic. :)


Formerly General Custer

Dear June,

  Teddy is a wonderful puppy! He has a great temperament and is very patient with our children. (Even when the youngest leans on him like a pillow!)

  His coat is a beautiful deep rich chocolate color and so very soft and non-shedding. He loves to be snuggled with and to snuggle!

He is very inquisitive and very smart. He knows when to "drop" things that he shouldn't have and loves to play "fetch". He's equally at home outside and inside the house. He loves to run, and he especially likes chasing the birds and squirrels in our yard- which he never catches.  

  Thank you for this lovely puppy! He makes our lives complete!

The Harkness Family

Formerly  Buffalo Bill
Hi June,

Onyx is an extremely mild-mannered and laid back type of dog. He gets along well will all other dogs and is friendly to people. Whenever I take him to the dog park he loves to get involved and play with other dogs and likes to sneak in a quick rub from the other dog parents!. His temperament and friendliness definitely make him a great addition to the family.

Here are some pictures from the "Bark in the Park" game at the Cincinnati Reds game.

  He's doing well :-)
Dear June,

We had a very good trip home. I had bought an herbal compound with csmomile, ginger, tryptofan, etc. That I gave him before we left. He paced for 20 minutes or so, then settled right down. He's been very sweet and calm so far. He is, I think, overwhelmed with all the new sights, sounds, and smells. Today he seems to have adopted Danny, following him everywhere he went. He's walking very nicely on leash, and is still learning about stairs. We are still getting used to how tall he is and how far he can stretch. Last night i left a half pan of cornbread on th back of the stove, and you can guess the rest ;) we do plan to rename him but haven't decided on an appropriate name yet. So far no potty accidents in the house. We want to give him a little time to adjust before we take him to be neutered. We are so very pleased with him, and think he's going to be just a wonderful fit for us. Thank you. I'll keep you updated.


Dear June,

It took a couple days, but I have finally found a name we all feel suits him. We call him Deacon. My sister has even ordered him a white collar! He's doing beautifully! No potty accidents, and he now understands the complex stair system. He's got several toys, but seems to be more interested in chewing throw rugs. He didn't like when Danny and I went to the store today. He sat right next to Mom and howled "ahowwwwwww". She loved on him and told him we'd be back, but he still howled every little bit till we returned. At first it seemed Danny was his favorite, but just now I seem to be the one. I'm sure Mom will get her turn, too. He is very smart, quick to learn, and extremely calm for such a young dog. My sis brought her 9 year old golden retriever over to meet him today. Deacon thoroughly enjoyed his play date with Quiobo, but I think he wore poor Q out! They romped in the back yard and got acquainted. He is such a wonderful dog! I think we have been truly blessed to find just the perfect dog for our family. We are all so happy and pleased with him! Thank you! I'll send you a couple pictures.  



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Dear June,
Shadow is the greatest dog ever born! In the house, he is calm, gentle and completely housebroken. Outdoors, on the beaches of Cape Cod, or in the meadows of Central Park in New York City, he runs like a race horse. He loves to play with other dogs and has made several "Doodle" friends. I can say, without a doubt, he is a very handsome boy. Many, many people have asked to take his picture. Tourists actually pose with him.
Shadow loves us, and is extremely attached. He was never intended to be a therapy dog, but as you will see from the pictures, he has inadvertently become one. Tom experienced a very bad fall and following a long hospitalization, spent several weeks in a rehabilitation center. Shadow stayed by his bed for hours at a time, except when he was amusing and comforting other patients. They loved him!
I will send a few pictures in separate e-mails. The last picture was taken at the shore, on his birthday.
Thank you for such a great dog. We love him.

Mary Walsh 
Formerly Wyatt Earp
 Now:  "Shadow"

 Luke & Shadow Playing
North Beach Shores
Dear June,
  My wife and I had 6 dogs; unfortunately we had to put one down. He was my lake buddy, and after 14 years of wonderful companionship. I became attached to another one of our dogs, only to have to do the same with this dog. I swore off any new dogs, no more. We still had 4, but they didn't have the loyalty, the need for my attention that the 2 past dogs did. After a couple of months without my buddies I decided that I needed a new dog to fill the void, to run with me, go to the lake house, just be my loyal companion. I saw your website and your beautiful golden doodles. After contacting you and having you send me some pictures, I decided to make the trip to Kentucky to see the pups. I still wasn't sure that I was ready to start over with another dog.
 When I arrived at your home the dogs ran beside the car all the way up the long winding driveway, jumping and running until we stopped at your house. I'm not sure, but I think I could detect a smile on their faces as they ran, running circles around my son and me, their long tongues hanging out of their mouths. I had travelled the 6 hours thinking I may not return home with a puppy. Everything had to feel right before I could bring him home. The moment I saw the dogs I realized I was going to have a new companion. His name was Kit Carson, now Wilson. He is so smart, (I hope my wife doesn't read this) way smarter than the other dogs. He is so happy and full of life. At the lake, he runs up and down the shore, in the water, like a teenager at the beach for the first time. He is truly a gentle giant, never aggressive and always-in need of my attention. I have bathed him several times and shedding is not an issue. We have a large fenced in yard and he and the other dogs run and play all day. Although I have not worked on training a lot, he walked on a leash first time out and sat after one command and reward. We truly love this dog and can't wait for the summer to see him swim.

  Mark and Liz  

Formerly "Kit Carson" Now: "Wilson"
 CGC Training Going Well
APRIL 2012
Well Loved
Well Liked By Everyone!
Hey he even "looks like a celebrity"!
I just wanted to check in and let you know that Makers Mark is doing great here in Lexington. We enjoy his company very much. 
He is very mild mannered and well behaved. He has quickly become one of the family. Thank you for raising such good dogs!

"ROOKIE" With His New Owner...We hope you have a wonderful and long rewarding life with your new master ROOKIE (formerly "MAKER'S MARK")
 We love adorable happy faces of children!
  Thank you Dr. J
I wanted to give you an update on Makers Mark. He has been renamed Rookie. He is a fantastic dog. My son loves him so much! Everywhere we go, Rookie draws a crowd. Adults and children alike are drawn to him and he is wonderful with everyone. I hope you enjoy this picture of Rookie with my son John. I think it shows how wonderful he is with children. I hope you and your beautiful dogs are doing well. Thanks for all you have done to make our transition into dog ownership so smooth! I have recommended you to several friends who are now interested in the breed. You are a wonderful breeder and your dogs are very special!

All my best,
 Hi June,
Just a quick update on Molly. She is almost 6 mos old and is already an awesome dog. We are doing training right now with a trainer that comes to the house and she is quite impressed at how smart Molly is and how quickly she gets everything. She knows her commands of "go climb", sit, down, and holds all of her commands until released. She walks on a lead beautifully. She is a beautiful dog. I get comments constantly on how beautiful her coat is. She is loved a lot and makes us laugh constantly. I'll update you again soon. Here are a couple of pictures of her:

Dana & Family
Hi June!
Just wanted to give you an update on Oliver. He made the trip home just fine with no whining. He sleeps thru the night. He has been with us 1 full week and already we can see his personality coming through, and how he is adjusting to his new surroundings--he definitely LOVES my Dad and follows him around everywhere. He is also learning to play with his toys, and we are trying to teach him how to fetch.
P. S. - We took him to an outdoor BBQ this past weekend, where another guest brought their goldendoodle (standard size). Oliver was so excited that he could hardly stand himself. We thought maybe he wondered whether that was one of his family members. It was too cute. He was so well behaved--didn't beg for food and only barked a couple of times. We are really working hard to get him acclamated to as many people as possible, plus other animals.  
 Lastly, wanted to share a pic of Oliver at his new home with me and Kaitlin. He is a great addition to our family.  

Hope all is well with you.  

Formerly "YOGI"
​Hi June !

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Oliver is doing great ! He has adjusted very well to the family and our surroundings. His neutering surgery went fine, and the vet said he was very well behaved. He has also learned several new tricks, including sitting, staying, catching/fetching a ball, shaking "hands", giving high five, saying his prayers and laying down. He's so smart! He has also learned that it is way more comfortable to relax on the couch vs. the floor (as you can see in the picture attached)!

I'm attaching a recent picture showing his new summer hair cut. He is certainly the talk when we take him out (he goes just about everywhere with us). People are always complementing him on his beautiful brown eyes to match his fur, and how healthy he looks.  

Hope all is well with you and the other 4 legged family members. Take care !

The Snyders
Charleston, WV
November 12, 2013  Happy Birthday Oliver!!!

​Hi June,

Wanted to send you a couple of pics of Oliver celebrating his first birthday. Although he didn't get to enjoy the cake (that was for us), he did get a new bone and a new bed (XX Large). He is such a joy to our family.  

Hope all is well with you.  

The Snyders,
Terry, Tammie, Kyle & Kaitlin

We are so blessed to have Atticus in our home! He is a smart, curious puppy and has shown to train very well. He is very friendly with new people and is just an angel when held. We feel that since he went through the BIO SENSOR program, it has allowed him to travel well in cars (even the 5 hour ride home). Thank you for such a wonderful, happy, healthy puppy. Everyone that meets him falls in love with his sweet face immediately.

Kirby Pettigrew, LMSW

Hi June ! 

Just thought I would share a pic of our big boy last night. He's such a ham! Very seldom does he get on my bed, but he'll do anything to get our attention. As you can see, he has his ball right beside of him. He goes no where without his "balleees". We must have 15 of them in the house! 

P. S. - I know this was Kyle's college graduation present, but . . . . he has been a present to all of us. We love him dearly.  

Tammie Snyder 

A Rum & Geronimo Puppy

This is our Java born 3/2014. He has a great, friendly personality! He has never shown any type of aggression. Whenever he is out with us people comment on his unique markings. He adapts easily to different environments and situations and always ready to go! He has been a great addition to the family!
Good morning June,

I wanted to show you the puppy that my daughter picked up for me and brought to Maryland.

We have named her Lexi since I'm assuming Lexington Kentucky was somewhere relatively close to you.

She gets along great with the other two dogs, I just wanted to thank you again and I hope you enjoy the new year.

We also believe that she's going to be pretty large she's weighing right now 30 some pounds and she's not even four months old. Her paws are huge.

God bless you,

Chris bush
A Rum & Geronimo Puppy

​ Up-Date:  April 19, 2017

Good morning June,

I wanted to show you updated pictures of our dog that we purchased from you I believe in November. My daughter Emily met you at the Cracker Barrel to pick her up, and drive her to Maryland.

She is a very high energy dog, extremely lovable and super super cute. She makes us laugh all day long. Thank you again I will highly recommend you to anyone that I know, as we have a lot of people stop and ask us where we got her.

Thank you again and have a great day,

Chris bush