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Berene Doodle Puppies For Sale
We are not planning for new Bernedoodle for 2017.​
Instead, ​we would like to plan for Bernedoodle puppies for sometime in 2018.  When we get enough deposits for a new litter of Bernedoodle we will add them to our plans for 2018.

Puppy Prices 
Tri-Color Puppies $3,500​.00 to $4,000.00
Bi-Color Puppies $2,000.00 to $2,500.00
Puppy prices will vary according to the puppy and it's coat color/markings.  

 When we have enough interest and deposits for Bernedoodle puppies,  Our new litter of Bernedoodle for 2018 will be with our lovely AKC Bernese Mountain Dog, Ebony (pictured below) and one of our AKC Standard Poodles.  The choice for the sire will most likely be our phantom poodle we call ZORO,  or our handsome poodle, Geronimo.  Ebony is an intelligent beautiful easy-going dog with many champions in her pedigree.   Her demeanor is calm and faithful.  Ebony's parents were imported from Hungary.  Ebony is herself, AKC Registered.  This will be Ebony's first litter of puppies.  We are hoping for some very interesting and beautiful colors/markings!

We accept PayPal, Bank Cashier Check, The inexpensive Wal Mart to Wal Mart Money Gram, Cash,  USA Postal Money Order, Bank to Bank Money Wire, and Personal Checks for deposit and payment .  All forms of payment must clear bank prior to release of puppy. 
 We accept cash only at pick up.

(606) 784-9080
Please Call Me For Deposit Notification​
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​Deposits Are $515.23
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The Bernedoodle
The ever growing popular Bernedoodle Puppy originates from the crossing of two great breeds!   Traditionally known as an endearing working dog and loyal family type, the Bernese Mountain Dog,  and the non-shedding loyal and highly intelligent, Standard Poodle.   This pairing makes for a great family pet.

Our Bernedoodle Puppies usually have soft curly to easy flowing hair that is easy to groom and that is very pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch!  We love that the Bernedoodle, like the Goldendoodle and the Standard Poodle can be groomed to any length you may desire.  This makes it great for summer and Winter weather when sports may be a big part of your life.  
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Call (606) 784-9080
Call (606) 784-9080
Morehead, Kentucky 40351


Hi June
If I had to describe Walter in one word, it would have to be...loving, sweet, loyal, funny, smart, silly, oh yeah, and fluffy. He is the absolute BEST dog I have ever owned. He loves to be with the family and we try to take him everywhere we go - the park, the store, even just a run to the gas station. He loves rides in the car, playing fetch, chasing my son and daughter around the backyard, or even just laying around and being a big soft pillow for them. He’s great with other dogs and strangers. And what do strangers think of Walter? We can’t even take more than a step outside our house without someone stopping to tell us how handsome and good he is. Walter puts the biggest smile on every face he meets. We are so lucky to have Walter in our lives. He truly brightens up every day. Oh, and he also might steal your keep an eye on him...the little sneak. :)

Warm regards,

Eric Feller
Endurance Films
Please read our Guarantee-Contract Prior before making your deposit.  Deposits and payments are non-refundable but are placed toward the cost of your puppy.  When absolutely necessary your deposit may be transferred to another puppy or later litter.  This is of course because your deposit is a promise of faith to purchase a puppy.  

One of our past Bernedoodle puppies as a new born
Black Pine's,  Coat Of Many Colors, 
NOTE:  This is Ebony's Parents Pedigree and is therefore her foreign pedigree.