GERONIMO, "Maker of Legends"  
AKC Brown and White Tuxedo Standard Poodle

58 Pds
Square 25" At The Withers
Hi June,

It's nice to hear from you. Governor has been across the country with us since January. He travels so well! Several times we took him skiing for a week at a time in Canaan Valley, WV. Our friends love him! He's been to Long Island, NY and played on the beaches, walked Bourbon Street with us in New Orleans, LA (received beads from many strangers), navigated LSU's campus in Baton Rouge, LA. So playful and smart! He has been fully potty trained since he was 3 months old. He knows sit, down, come, and bang. :o) Bang is where we take our finger and pretend to shoot him and he falls over on the ground playing dead. Yesterday marked his 10 month old birthday. Attached are some old and new pictures of him. 

"We At Chan's Celebrity Golden-Doodles, AKC Standard Poodles, & Old English Sheepdog  Appreciate And Thank You For Keeping In Touch And For Providing Us With Your Experiences With Your New Family Member."   
                                                                                                                                                      Thank you!


Hi June,
It's Kim down in Louisiana. Just a quick hello and to say that my boy Roman is doing fabulous! He is sooo big. He just weighed in at 35.8. I can no longer pick him up and snuggle him (not that he wants to do that). He is a very busy boy and somewhat of a brute. I just love him. He turns so many heads when we go out. One man told me that that just couldn't be the real color of the dog and that I had to have dyed him! Can you believe? Anyway, I hope this finds you doing well and that all of your 4-legged babies are well. You take care and I'll keep in touch!
"ROMAN" is a "DAISY" & "RED SKY HAWK" Puppy
 Hi June,
I wanted to send another picture of Roman. I shaved him down and he was so bright and shiny underneath. Not fading one bit!
June, feel free to use any of the previous e-mail I sent you for your testimonial request as well as this one.

Roman is a very large, beautiful boy of the richest red I have ever seen. He is a definite head turner when we go out. His health, personality and beauty was worth every penny and has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you June for such a handsome and sweet boy. We just love him!
And that is the truth June!
Hi June,

Roisin ("Roe-'sheen") is the perfect house dog and companion. She is smart, sensitive, affectionate and loving. She is very expressive and just as cute as she can be. Roisin is definitely on the smaller side of the Standard Poodle breed and has a beautiful red coat. At 5 months of age, she weighs somewhere around 25 lbs and is 16" at the withers.
The pics attached include one of her at around 3 months. She loved to sleep with her face under the loveseat.

Pronounced (ROE-'SHEEN)
"ROISIN" is a "DAISY" & "RED SKY HAWK" Puppy

Hi, I just wanted let you all know we are loving our standard poodle Kramer. We brought him home about a month ago and he has been a perfect angel. He was basically house-trained from the moment he came home. He gets along wonderfully with our 3 year old toy poodle and he is very gentle and protective over our 9 month old daughter. He is healthy, smart, and extremely handsome! I highly recommend these poodles; he is my 6th poodle and I will never own another breed. They are fantastic dogs and these are very high quality! Thank you all so much for Kramer!
"KRAMER" is a "OPRY" & "RED SKY HAWK" Puppy
June, we've had Jazz (she was O'Keefe when she was with you) for two months now, and I wanted you to know how pleased we are. She's wonderful! She weighs 42 pounds and is a square 23 inches at seven months, so I'm hopeful she's going to be a fairly big dog. We think she's beautiful, of course, with her tight, curly, shiny black coat (the groomer commented that she has "a very nice coat"), that elegant head and alert expression. Her temperment couldn't be better. She was cautious at first but never shy or nervous. Now she's quite comfortable with new situations, likes to meet new people, adores our grandkids, walks nicely on a leash, loves the snow, rides well in the car, isn't fond of being brushed and combed but tolerates it with minimal grumbling. I think our old Lab, who's almost eleven, helped her acclimate, and she's helped him rediscover some of his inner puppy. She instigates playtime, but he seems to enjoy the doggie roughhousing as much as she does. She's affectionate and spends much of her time near me, but she doesn't demand attention. She rarely barks but makes a quiet, warning "woof, woof" when she sees or hears something unusual outside; that can escalate to a bark if we don't check it out to suit her. She doesn't chew, except on her own chew toys (she's death on those, and any stray tissues or paper towels she comes across). She's rock solid on her housetraining. Sadly, she gets up between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. to go out, but, on the bright side, it's never a false alarm. Otherwise, she sleeps well and has since the day we brought her home. We still crate her, of course, when we're gone, but when we're here, the door to her crate is open, and she goes in and out at will. She learned "come," "sit," and "wait" very quickly, and now we've started basic obedience classes. If she does well and enjoys it, we may even enter a match or trial in the future. In short, she's everything we'd hoped for and more. Thank you, thank you!
                                              Judy Dunlap
"JAZZ" is a "OPRY" & "RED SKY HAWK" Puppy
I can't tell you how much we love this dog. She's unlike any other dog we've ever had, and she's a show-stopper--cars stop frequently when I'm walking her to comment on how pretty she is.

Judy Dunlap
"JAZZ"  Is a "OPRY" & RED SKY HAWK" Puppy

Hi June!

We are doing fantastic! Learning new things everyday and enjoying the beautiful parks! 

Mercydes Ham
Laying Down
 From her 2012 Spring Litter!

Hi June,​  
We have claimed them and I think they, too, have claimed us.


Are "DAISY" & "RED SKY HAWK" Puppies!
Just wanted to give you a quick update. Dug is so sweet and very smart. He knows several commands: sit, lay down, shake, high five, and believe it or not he will actually poop and pee on command. He sleeps in his kennel and doesn't whine. He loves water and tries to get in the shower with us. He loves everyone in the family and is very social. He is the super star of his puppy class. We just need to work on come and drop it. I will send pictures soon. He weighed 30 pounds at his vet visit last week. 

Mary Haynes, MD


 June, Cooper (DALI) is doing great and is learning so quick. We truly love him so much.

            Brian & Tiffani

Is a "SCARLET" & RED SKY HAWK" puppy
​Good afternoon, June –

Feel free to use them as you see fit – we just wanted you to know that he made himself at home the day he arrived, and his personality is so sweet. He’s completely at ease with our 12 year old Standard and 10 year old Poodle/Chinese Crested mix. He’s got his own toys, still spends the night in his kennel (next to my bed) for his own comfort.  He’ll be neutered in a month – we discussed the health risks with our vet and it just seemed the best decision for his health and longevity.

Have a great day,


        Is A "CHEROKEE" & "GERONIMO" Puppy

June, just an update on Jazz. She's 14 months old now, about 25 inches square, and 48.5 pounds. She's an absolute sweetheart--funny, fun, bright, beautiful. We're working with a trainer on off-lead obedience right now. He calls her "scary smart."
Dug is now 1 year old and weighs 60 pounds. That's a big lapdog! His favorite place to take a nap is on a lap. He has a great family oriented personality; loving, playful and a bit of mischievous. Whenever we go in the bathroom he will jump in the bathtub and sit down. If he is left outside for more than a few minutes he rings the doorbell and if we ignore the doorbell he digs in the yard.  
​                                                 Up-Date
Our boys post groom, on Thursday. Thought you might like to see them. Jasper is on left and Keegan is on the right.
Hope you are well.
Martha Rucker


​Hi June,
  Just wanted to send an update on Rosetta as well as a few pictures. She is the most beautiful poodle that I have ever met...and we have met quite a few. She also has an amazing temperament and outstanding personality. We don't tell our other girls, but she is a favorite! Her structure is also very nice, being a bit more blocky and perfectly square. Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family and our breeding program.   Hope all is well with you!


Kyna visiting with her new puppy...  
                    A picture is worth a thousand words

Yes you can use it as you wish.  I'm sure we will have a good life with her.  
Thanks again.
Steven & Kyna

Hi June!
I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that Sophia has absolutely stolen our hearts!! She's a perfect puppy in every way!! 
She had her Dr appointment yesterday. She did amazingly well and is happy and healthy. She was microchipped, given her initial Bordetella booster and given heart worm dose to start tomorrow.
She had her first play date today with her new best friend, a 7 month old black shepherd. We will be doing training classes together soon!!
Thank you again!

Iva, Les and Sophia

            June, here are a few pics of Sophia. We love her SOOO much!!
Is A Scarlet & Red Sky Hawk Puppy
Is A Scarlet & Red Sky Hawk Puppy
He is really smart, and I haven’t involved him in any formal training but he’s a quick study on everything-there isn’t a mean bone in his body, will stand his ground, and is very social.

I didn’t mention Augustus as an athlete but no dog, irrespective of size, has been able to outrun him-he can fly.

UP-DATE 09-08-2015
  It's been a year since Tulip came home with us and she is doing great. We love her so much. I'm already trying to figure out how to make her live forever. Lol. She is the sweetest little darling that ever lived. I can't think of words good enough except to say - she is everything to us!
Her beautiful red color hasn't faded and people are always commenting on how lovely and unique she is. Everyone thinks she looks like a teddy bear. She acts like a teddy bear too. Giving hugs every day is her normal routine. Tulip gets smiles and giggles everywhere she goes. To be honest I wasn't sure about spending so much on a puppy. But now it scares me to think I could have missed out on having her in my life. She is worth every cent. I'd pay you more than you asked at this point. Thank you so much for our precious Tulip!
  Kyna :)

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"Dorothea & LuLu"
Dorothea is a Scarlet & Red Sky Hawk Puppy

Dear June,
As you can see Dorothea is adored by the two most important creatures in her life: Dieter the dog and Lulu my daughter.
Thank You June,

Ps. You made a little girl's Christmas dream come true. Thanks for your faith in us.
Dear June,
Thank you dear Lady for this.
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Burt "Finn" now!! He has such a gentle nature about him and is great with our son. We couldn't ask for a better family member. 

A Scarlett & Red Sky Hawk Puppy

Happy Birthday Finn!!!
Finn Is One Year Old Now!
Born March 17, 2016

Blue is a Cherokee and Geronimo Puppy

Just wanted to give you an update on the pup you raised, who is now called Blue. Have never been " in love" in my whole life, except for your pup. All I can do is smile when I look at him.  Finally got him a rolled blue leather collar from Quinlens in Paris with my name and phone number. He has also been microchipped and neutered. At seven months, he weighed 52 pounds and is at least two feet at withers. His coat et al is gorgeous. Can't help myself to send more photos. For exercise he goes swimming, and rides in the car with me to learn how to behave. When living in Morehead I raised registered Clydesdales and sold to Budweiser hitch. Blue has same markings as the Clydes. I love that! He is truly show dog material...his stature, his movement, his coat. Didn't want a dog for that reason, how ever he could be. Have never seen a parti poodle at Westminster! Love this dog so much.  

Have had a lot of dogs. He has captured my heart and would never be without a standard poodle again. Best ever. He is afraid of nothing. Adapts to groomer, vet, everything. Thank you for my dog. 

Not good at operating Facebook, but did find you. Gave a 5 star review.

Take care,